Walk your Own Talk.(Nigel Reed Charity Walker and Zoe's Dad.)

Hi and thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

Yes I made a promise to Zoe my late daughter to walk around the world.

Why because I wanted to see something positive come out of my daughters life.

So to date I have walked 17'500 km.

This year 2012 I start one of the final legs of the 12'500km

Port Douglas to Brisbane Queensland Australia

In 2013 we hope to walk through New Zealand

Then 2015 we hope to replicate The World Walk travelling from England through Canada and back to Australia. All the while to raise awareness and monies for Cystic Fibrosis.

Go to 'Coming Events Page' to see what and why we need donations for.  

Go to the Book Page for details of our book pictured below.


Contact Nigel & Jocelyn at Ph +64 7 5720786 or +64210509115

or at nigel2reed@hotmail.com




In 1987 after the stock market crash l had to drop my house keys off in the bank's letter box I was broke and had a daughter who had a terminal illness.

How could I not only survive but be successful? I decided to commit to helping families that had children with life limiting illnesess like Cystic fibrosis, Cancer, Muscular Dystrophy etc plus many lesser known illnesess.

Why? Because I believed that by serving others it would help keep my mind off of my own grief.

Having battled low self esteem since childhood I was not the most credentialed person to embark upon such a journey but four events helped change that.

All around me were families that had a need for respite and they needed help.I knew first hand the impact of little support can have on a familiy.  We needed a respite centre. It was a light bulb moment one that gave me a PURPOSE.

My Life would never be the same -

What followed was a avalanche of events that would guide me along my new chosen path.

1, Hitting the bottom.

2, Footage of Terry Fox.

3, Discovering faith.  

4, Loosing my only child Zoe.

5, Making a promise to my daughter on her death bed..

                  It is not the events in our lives that shape us its our response to them.  



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