Hi there everyone well its over not just the walk but a 22 year journey. There have been days of absolute joy and a day of the most gut wrenching pain when we lost our daughter.
Even one year of being emotional and mentaly lost.
There have been many people who have assisted me along the way far too many to mention today but they will never be forgoten.
This walk will not go down as generating the most money but will go down as one of incredible good will.
To enter Slacks Creek Primary school again after 19 years and see Zoe's garden in full bloom and to see people waiting to say hello was so emotional.
There were young women who were in her year at school with their babies,there were mothers who had a child with CF who had used Zoe's Place.There were two army buddies of 50 years ago with their wives.A little girl 5 years of age who had stopped her Mum an Dad from going to church so she could meet and thank me.
A lady who had met us for the first time in Port Douglas and her daughter.A father Gary who had been there for me the day we lost Zoe.
Then there was Erika Zoe's Mum she had organised this day and that we are still friends is a testomony to how much we both loved our daughter. There was staff and parents from the school both past and present who had rejuvinated Zoe's Garden.

Now its 5pm the crowds and friends have gone and I am feeling a little lost and shell shocked so MUCH GOOD WILL.
A Mum I met in Noosa said Nigel you must believe in the RIPPLE effect the ripples will go on forever I do believe.
God Bless you all stay well and happy and THANK YOU for colouring my life with love.