After doing 8km yesterday although there was some pain during the walk I have not woke up with any discomfort so the anti inflamatory treatment is working GREAT.

We are only 6 weeks out from the begining and I do feel a a little aprehensive because of the time lost with the foot and knee issues but as my good friend Peter Why told me back on my first walk in 1990 " Just put one foot in front of the Other".

I can only imagine how my inspirational mentor who I never met by the way Terry Fox felt running across Canada on one good leg and a old style prosthetic with ghost pains and blisters.What I get is NOTHING in comparison.So keep following.

PS By the way if you follow me on Twitter for some reason I cannot post updates so I am doing it through this medium.

God Bless you all and  keep following and donating.To your local Cystic Fibrosis Organisation.They need your Help