Sausage Sizzles along the route.

August 25, 2012
Sadly there has been little support from people approached along the route for fundraising opportunities so we decided to approach butchers alon the route as we go up to hold sausage sizzles maybe we can raise some funds that way.

I must say a big thank you to Cheryl and Steve who have orrganised a launch at their own home and have provided the food as a sponsorship Cheers my two wonderful friends.

We understand that LJ Hookers Port Douglas are organising a walkathon to run along the day I start walking thank you guys?

All my friends out there have a great weekend. 

Getting close.

August 25, 2012
Well have had a good days training today 17km spread over the gym and road 8km interval training on the treadmill then 9km on the road over 2 hours so feel great.
Still no response from the local newspapers along the route plus no response from schools to talk to about bullying.
I am convinced that the time on the road will generate interest however we do have Greg Carey morning radio on side and he has indicated we will talk in the next 2 weeks hope so need funds for food and suppliments and f...
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The Challengeof self doubt.

August 20, 2012
Never Never Give Up.

Three statements made by others in my early Life unfortunately shaped the future " Be Careful what you say to You Children".The first was " You will never Drive" The second " You will never ammount to anything ". The third was " You are a waste of space".
Whatever people say do not surrender the wonderful flower that is just waiting to bloom its called potential !!! we all have it.   
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Great News.

August 17, 2012
Just been told that LJ Hokkers in Port Douglas will be having a walkathon and BBQ on the 30th September to kick the walk off.Cheers guys!

Have also been informed that Vasyli have designed our tee-shirts and vehicle banner great Job done by Chris Bell.

Have been pain free on my right knee although my right foot still goes numb in shoes.

However I did a good training session 3km easy walk followed by 4/1km sprints @ 8.2km per hour then a 3km easy walk home.

Good to hear Philip Di Bella and Jeffery ...
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Good Day

August 12, 2012
It may not be a marathon but today was a good day went down to the gym and did 6.2 km on the treadmill running all the way to test my knee well NO pain before or after that give me some thing to build on aiming at doing 6 hour marathons on route.A combination of power walk and jogging.I did this in my trusty Bedrock Sandals cheers guys.
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knee problem

August 11, 2012
After doing 8km yesterday although there was some pain during the walk I have not woke up with any discomfort so the anti inflamatory treatment is working GREAT.

We are only 6 weeks out from the begining and I do feel a a little aprehensive because of the time lost with the foot and knee issues but as my good friend Peter Why told me back on my first walk in 1990 " Just put one foot in front of the Other".

I can only imagine how my inspirational mentor who I never met by the way Terry Fox felt ...
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The need for support

August 7, 2012
To all the committed people out there world wide that everyday get up and raise money out of love for other people less fortunate, KEEP YOUR CHIN UP!!!!!!!.Everyday we wake looking for email's, posts on face book and letters in the post.Many days there is nothing! then suddenly a donation, a sponsor responds, a friend gives you a word of encouragment somedays the memory of a lost one is hard to deal with but we keep going.

What I have found hard to understand over the years, is many of those p...
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August 7, 2012

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August 7, 2012
Great day today at physio no significant problems with knee so treatment will see huge improvment Quads tigh need more stretching.So Good day See you guys.
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Great News!!!!!

August 5, 2012
Good news today I changed my Dr and the new one is a runner after checking for my pulse he informs me I do not have Periferal Artery Disease. my right foot numbness is as a result so many miles. My knee pain is jumpers knee and can be rectified before I set off.

If the person who donated $40 and chose not to say who they were THANK YOU so very much for your kind donation.

This is what makes it all worth while helping these young hero's.

To all my supporters thanks for everything guys. ...
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