To all the committed people out there world wide that everyday get up and raise money out of love for other people less fortunate, KEEP YOUR CHIN UP!!!!!!!.Everyday we wake looking for email's, posts on face book and letters in the post.Many days there is nothing! then suddenly a donation, a sponsor responds, a friend gives you a word of encouragment somedays the memory of a lost one is hard to deal with but we keep going.

What I have found hard to understand over the years, is many of those people who earn a living helping others and who benifit from funds raised by parents brothers sisters and friends sometimes forget how difficult it can be to sudtain the passion required.When there is no wage packet. We use our computers,printers time and love.

I appreciate that their time is valuble but in this day and age with so many social media outlets a message in reply to one sent, a word of encouragment is worth so much.I you are sitting at a desk in the office of a charitable organization PLEASE take the time to respond to our calls for help or support.In our case our passion is emotionaly driven and needs to be recharged every so often.

FOver 20 years I have walked the highways of the world for families with Cystic Fibrosis WHY because I loved my only child who lived for only 11 years and died through Cystic Fibrosis all I ask is that organizations keep the avenues of communication open.THANK YOU GUYS.