John a Groats to Lands End 4 The Household Cavalry Foundation & Help the Heroe's 

Why am I at 70 years of age jogging from John a Groats to Lands end 1400km in April / May 2014 BECAUSE I have battled for  69 years with not having a father.There is no glory for the family of a war hero there is only QUESTIONS Why me? I wonder what I could have done had he been home? Could I have done better had I been able to discuss things with him or her.The list goes on I have asked them all.In the end my mind through back the same answer if any thing goes wrong it will happen to me.THATS WHY ON APRIL FOOLS DAY 2014 I WILL JOG 1400KM for the families left behind and for the young courageous people who fill the ranks of our injured personal from our armed forces,OUR HEROE'S.

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