Nigels Bio -

Out of tragedy very often ordinary people can do very special things.


There are few things in life that are more traumatic than losing a child. History has shown that very often these events can inspire ordinary people to do extrordinary things. It took such  an event, the loss of my 11 year old daughter Zoe  to turn my life around and give me a purpose that I was to become passionate about.  

Achievements -

All these achievments could not have been without the help of some very good friends.


The loss of home and business in stock market crash of 1987 leads me too focus on helping other people less fortunate.

The loss of my little Zoe in 1994 changed my life forever -


  •  1990 Port Douglas to Southport Qld Australia 2100 km.
  •  1992 Sydney to Brisbane 1200 km.
  • The Tragedy struck in march 1994 Zoe lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis.I promised to walk from the UK to Australia via The USA.
  • 1994 500 km in 5 days springwood Brisbane Qld Australia.
  • 1995 Nottingham to Lands End 527 km.
  • 1995 Washington DC to San Fransisco California 4537 km. 
  • 1995 Canberra to Brisbane 1213 km  
  • 1997 Brisbane to Port Douglas 1200 km.
  • 1997 Port Douglas to Mount Isa 1242 km.
  • 1997 Mount isa to Toowoomba 1699 km.
  • 1997 Toowoomba to Zoe's Place Brisbane 126 km.  
  • 1999 500 km in 5 days Queensland Brisbane Australia.
  • 2000 Pushed a wheelchair from Melbourne to Brisbane Qld Australia 1703 km.
  • 2007 Port Douglas to Zoes Place Mount Ommaney Brisbane Qld Australia 2000 km. 


  •  Business Achievments.
  • Founder of The Zoe Reed Little Bridge House Association.(Zoe's Place.)Qld Australia.
  • Co Founder of Promise House Brisbane Qld Australia.
  • General Manager of Aid for the Blind Queensland Australia.
  • Established marketed and undertook "The Zoe Reed Memorial Walk." event in 3 countries.


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