Cystic Fibrosis

                                               is -


The most common genetic disorder in the western world.

Where both parents have to be carriers of a defective gene.

Then you have a one in four chance of a child who has the life limiting illness.


                              Zoe Claire Reed October 1982 - March 1994 RIP. 

This is my late daughter Zoe she died of Cystic Fibrosis.

What it meant to her was 50 tablets a day.Some to digest her food as her pancreas did not work.

2 hours minimum of physiotherapy when she was well, to keep her lungs free of a very adesive mucus that will stick rock solid to the bottom of a glass.

Anti biotics to keep her lungs free of infections that could kill her far easier than a healthy child..

Low lung capacity av 48%, so every sports day was a battle yet she competed.

The loss of many friends some younger some as old as 40 but very few most in their late teens.


What this meant to us was we became physiotherapists, grief councelours, nurses, chemists and dietiticians to name but a few. No training, no back-up, just get on with it.  The biggest loss was that we had to face the fact that every day bought us closer to the end of her life. Coping and grief is insurmountable to many.


The survival rate of families is very low. Divorce very common. 


That is cystic fibrosis as I witnessed it should you need a more proffesional discription please go to.  www.cysticfibrosis.can/



I beg you to consider helping these brave children and families.


Zoes Dad Nigel Reed. 


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